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Piranha Propellers manfuctures a complete line of patented composite boat propellers for sterndrives, outboards, and inboard-outboards ranging from 9.9 horsepower to well over 280 horsepower.

Their propellers eat up other aluminum propellers because their cutting-edge modular design allows you to replace individual damaged blades when needed, or re-pitch the propeller within minutes.

Piranha Propellers Are the Best Boat Propellers Available Because…

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Piranha's Lifetime Hub Warranty

An Industry Exclusive Unconditional Hub Guarantee

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You Can Just Replace the Blade, Not the Prop!

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Piranha Propellers Are Stronger Than Aluminum

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You Can Repair Your Propeller Fast!

In Under 5 Minutes While You’re On the Water

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Made In the U.S.A.

Manufactured in Jackson California USA. Aluminum extrusion comes from Southern California. High strength composites are manufactured in Winona Minnesota.

No Other Boat Propellers Are As Innovative

Piranha’s innovative modular design means their boat props can be inexpensively and easily replaced due to damage or re-pitched for performance optimization.

Their unmatched blade replacement system will lead to significant cost savings compared to repairing standard aluminum or stainless steel boat propellers.

Piranha boat props are made from a specially formulated, high-strength aerospace composite material and a center hub made of a high-strength aluminum core resulting in a propeller with a tensile strength that is 15% stronger than aluminum.

#1 Recommended FEMA Boat Propeller

Piranha blades are designed to absorb shock during a propeller strike. This basically eliminates damage to the lower unit.

The blades will take the brunt of an impact; failing in order to protect the prop shaft, while the center hub absorbs any residual energy, preventing lower unit damage.

What you get is a hub so strong we guarantee it for life! If you damage it, we will replace it.

Find The Right Boat Prop For You

Purchasing a quality sterndrive or outboard propeller can be very challenging. Boat propeller designs come in overwhelming sizes and configurations.

Selecting the wrong boat prop is expensive and time consuming, which makes finding a boat propeller a chore. 

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Made In the U.S.A.

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