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Find the Right Propeller for Your Boat

Find the right Piranha Propeller to go with your Nissan engine. Your boat’s engine may work with the following Piranha hubs: YB3, MB4, OC3, HD3, or TE3.

In order to find the correct hub assembly for your new propeller, you will need some information about your boat engine beginning with the year it was made and the horsepower. For 70-horsepower engines, you may also need to know if it’s a TLDI.

Find the correct hub by scanning the table below, using our automated Prop Finder, or giving us a call at (800) 235-7767. We want to make sure you have the correct components for optimum performance for your application!

Prop Finder

MakeYearHPModelShaft spline countHub assembly (3 Blade)Blade group ( 3 Blade)Hub assembly (4 Blade)Blade group ( 4 blade)
Nissan1981-201040-50STANDARD GEARCASE13OC3C3
Nissan1981-200170STANDARD GEARCASE13OC3C3
Nissan1985-20109.9-20STANDARD GEARCASE14TE3D/E
Nissan1985-201025-30STANDARD GEARCASE10HD3D/E
Nissan1987-201090-140STANDARD GEARCASE15YB3B3MB4B4
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