Piranha Boat Propeller Selection

Propeller Selection

Discount Boat Propellers is your online source for Piranha Propeller composite modular props.  Piranha Propellers are the solution to damaged props, down time, and expensive repairs, by offering the ability to swap individual damaged blades for new ones within 5 minutes, at a fraction of the cost of traditional boat propellers.



Piranha Propellers‘ composite molding facility utilizes a fiberglass/ nylon composite, boasting a tensile strength that is 15% stronger than aluminum. Combining this composite with the aluminum core makes the center hubs virtually indestructible. 18 years of customer proven durability allows us to offer a factory backed, lifetime center hub warranty. Therefore in the unlikely event of hub damage, simply return the center hub to the Piranha factory for replacement.


Discount Boat Propellers honors Piranhas factory backed exchange policy.  Any product can be exchanged for another product or equal or lesser value, provided that the product is not damaged, and the exchange is requested within 60 days of the original purchase.  This program allows you to try multiple pitches, and determine which works best for you.


Discount Boat Propellers also honors Piranhas return policy; any undamaged product can be returned within 30 days for a full refund, less shipping charges. Contact the factory to set up any returns.

“”I love this product! I would have gone through 4 props last year if I had not had this unit. Instead of taking them in I just replaced the fins. Gun Lake Michigan is a rock haven and I have just the prop for Gun Lake” – Mike Osborne

“I received my new Piranha Propeller and I am very pleased! It outperforms my OEM mercruiser aluminum prop.” – Pete Sparks

“Once again your company has impressed me with how quickly you got my new blades delivered. Hit bottom Tuesday, have new blades by Friday afternoon” — Dan Abbott